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TNC joined the UPM Italy Group in January 2020.

Today, the group can now provide its customers with an even wider range of goods and services.

Our Hystory

Founded in 1940 as a small craft trade producing advertising boards, signs and posters, over the years the company grew and became consolidated. Today, the UPM Italy Group is a solid industrial concern, leader in Italy in the production of signs, and a renowned General Contractor for the design and installation of shops, dealers, offices and banks, based on a “turnkey” formula.

UPM Italy Group has consolidated its presence throughout Italy, and has begun a process of internationalisation, opening its UPM France branch. It has also purchased the prestigious carpentry workshop Stefra, aiming to produce tailor-made furniture in-house and supply furnishings that are entirely “Made in Italy”.

UPM (Unione Pubblicitari Modenesi) was founded in Modena (Italy) on 14 October 1940, for the manufacture of advertising boards and other forms of communication in use at the time.


UPM, a pioneer of road billboards as a form of communication, began the production of the first illuminated signs.

UPM consolidated its production at local and regional level.


Gualdi Insegne Luminose was founded in 1970.

The first advanced machines for sign production were purchased, and towards the end of the 1980s, the first digital technologies were adopted.


UPM and Neon Gualdi merged to create UPM Immagine Pubblicitaria srl.

The company set up a new line of business – UPM General Contractor works alongside UPM Visual Solutions, extending the services provided to the market.

The UPM MODENA spa group was founded.


The group became UPM ITALY, beginning a process of internationalisation, with an increase in capital.

UPM France was founded.

The group purchased the prestigious carpentry workshop STEFRA, specialised in the production of tailor-made furniture and furnishings for business and private clients.


We design your future, today.



Design and production of signs and display systems. Large-format digital printing laboratory. “Turnkey” solutions for the design and implementation of executive centres, offices, agencies, bank branches, megastores and shops.

UPM France

In 2015 the Group became UPM ITALY, starting out on the road to internationalisation leading to the foundation of UPM FRANCE, with a branch in Paris.


UPM Modena Spa bought out 100% of Stefra, a locally renowned carpentry workshop specialising in the production of tailor-made furniture and furnishings for opticians, pharmacies, perfumeries, hotels, shops, restaurants and private clients.


Design and production of signs and display systems. Production of display units, billboards, advanced displays, visual merchandising, trade fair stands and shop fittings.


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